Naked Couch Day, Sans Couch

D: But but but Dean’s doing it! In two places, even. And Kris is doing it, too!

K: NO. I will NOT let you humiliate us in public AGAIN.

D: Those leopard skin briefs could have belonged to anyone.

K: Anyone with the fur of a Tasmanian devil.

D: Exactly. And that chair photo left a great deal to the imagination.

K: Really? You thought so? I thought it left very little to the imagination. Just a teensy inconsequential mote —

D: You won’t even have to take off your clothes.

K: What?

D: There was nothing in Dean’s challenge that said both parties had to be naked.

K: So I’m not going to regret this later.

D: Not at all.

K: But you might regret this later.

D: I would if I had any shame.

Yes, that’s precisely what led up to this particular photo shoot . . . yielding an image that captured the zeitgeist of a generation, a cover widely regarded as Rolling Stone Magazine’s greatest ever.

Photo by Jacob Hoffman

(Yes, the only thing squickier than this photoshoppe is the fact we made my son take the photo.)



  1. Erin O'Brien says:

    Dear Dr. Hoffman,

    The Authorities are aware of your dubious behavior. The Authorities, Dr. Hoffman, are concerned. Your wife has every reason to admonish you and the Authorities are glad to see she was clearly exhibiting disdain while the offending photograph associated with your dubious behavior was taken.

    Be warned, Dr. Hoffman, that the Authorities are carefully tracking your every movement.

    Carefully submitted,

    The Authorities.

  2. mm says:

    Jake and Karen are both welcome to come live here. Doug can stay put.

  3. Dean says:

    Damn. I can’t see the couch. Not sure if this qualifies for Naked Couch Day if there’s no couch in evidence.

    Maybe if I photoshop in a couich…

  4. fiveandfour says:

    Now Dean, what did the poor couch ever do to you?

    And…Wow. Just…Wow.

  5. Corn Dog says:

    OMG, Doug! You are too funny for your own good! LOL.

  6. An instant classic! Cheers to both of you :)

  7. Kris Starr says:

    And Kris is doing it, too!

    And I like to do it.

    Um, wait. What are we talking about now? 😉

    Nice one, Hoffman. Nice. 😀

  8. sxKitten says:


    That’s brilliant, yet indefinably disturbing.

  9. Walnut says:

    My only wish is that someone will let on that they understand the cultural reference. Every comic’s fear — that his jokes are autistic.

    Erin: the authorities can bite me. And I’m unwrapped and all ready to bite, too.

    Kate: Mm hm.

    Mo: too frightened by my manliness, eh?

    Dean: our only couch is full of cat hair and cat poopy paw prints. YOU pose nude on it.

    Rest of youse: thanks :)

  10. Blue Gal says:

    THAT’s the image of you I’m taking with me on vaycay? Man.

  11. mm says:

    Sure, Doug. It’s cat hair.

  12. sxKitten says:

    Admitting that we get the reference would mean admitting we share, in some small way, your sense of humour, Doug. And that’s more disturbing than the photo :-)

  13. Walnut says:

    BG: I can print out a hard copy for you, if you like. (Get it? Hard copy? Wink wink nudge nudge . . .)

    Mo, I don’t shed that much.

    SxK: I’ll take that as a thumb’s up.

    Anyway, Kate gets it :)

  14. noxcat says:

    Oh, I got the reference, I was just too…uhm… dumbfounded to type anything. My brain actually shortcircuited at that image.

    Poor Karen. :)