Who else is (wo)man enough for the nekkid challenge?

Over at Writer’s BBS, there’s a custom for noobs: you gotta get nekkid. For those square BBSers, getting nekkid means telling something revealing about yourself.

Here in the blogosphere, getting nekkid means GETTING NEKKID. Hell, as for that other getting nekkid, I do it nearly every day I blog. But for the record, I recently gave you this:

Getting nekkid nekkid, that takes a special breed of cat. Or, should I say, Vixen. Yes, this evening, Dean’s very own SxVixen joined the esteemed ranks of nude bloggers. And not to be one-upped, Dean has done it, too. Nice legs, Dean, but next time smile for the camera. It’s not a high school football team portrait, for heaven’s sake.

Erin O’Brien got the ball rolling, today posting an historical review of nekkid-model- with-chair photography (and she’s right. Christine Keeler really is one hot babe). So the question stands: who is next?

Here’s my short list of folks I think might be just crazy enough to take the nekkid challenge:

Gabriele! Instead of a chair, you can use some strategically positioned chain mail.

Kate! Impress the hell out of your sons. Or squick them out, one of the two.

Kris! You’ve already given us clickable cleavage. Now we want a bit o’ thigh, too.

Candy! You’ll be the talk of the Smart Bitchery.

Monica! I would never forgive my own cowardice if I didn’t include you on this list. I figure you’ll either (A) oblige the request, or (B) come up here and kick my sorry ass. Either way, you’ll be satisfying a fantasy.

No guys on the list . . . imagine that. But of course, you have Dean and me. That should be enough manhood for the whole blogosphere.


P.S.: If I didn’t put you on the list, please do not be offended. The more people I include, the greater the chance someone really will come out here and kick my ass . . . probably some smelly biker named Bubba.

Which is not one of my fantasies.


  1. noxcat says:

    Thanksfor not putting me on your list. I’m too unhappy with my body shape right now to do ANYTHING like it.

  2. Walnut says:

    Well, you could take a picture like this, just for yourself, to prove to yourself you don’t look nearly as bad as you thought you looked.

    And then in a drunken stupor you could post it to your blog!

    Bear in mind, the pose hides most problem areas 😉

  3. Kris Starr says:

    I dunno, Doug. I think I’ll need quite a bit more sweet-talkin’ before I take this sort of plunge…

    That, or mucho vodka.

    Thanks for including me on your list, though. 😀

    (I’m not promising anything, but we’ll see. 😉 )

  4. Walnut says:

    Kris, if you get enough vodka, you may even leave out the chair!

  5. DementedM says:


    Not on the list.

    Thank you.


  6. ewwww . . . socks. and they don’t look hand knit. are you trying to gross me out?

  7. kate r says:

    I have a nudie picture up but it isn’t me.

    Maybe once I figure out how to do the timer on the camera. . .

  8. Gabriele says:

    Well, the pics I took of my workplace should prove that I don’t have a chair behind which I could hide the censored body parts. Also, I don’t shave (it’s not such a widespread habit in Germany) and you Americans really don’t want to see my fur. 😀

  9. Blue Gal says:

    threadingwater would ask you if the socks were hand knit. Doug, just for not including me on the list, I’d be happy to knit you a pair. OF SOCKS! OF SOCKS!

  10. Walnut says:

    Kate posted nude photos of her mom, everyone! Go see!

    Gabriele, how can you look at that pic of me and not realize how much I dig fur?

    Michelle, BG, just cuz you’re not on the list doesn’t mean I don’t want to see you in the nude. Figure out all those negatives!

  11. noxcat says:

    ‘Bear in mind, the pose hides most problem areas’

    To hear my mother talk, my ankles are the worst problem area. Seems like she has to tell me they’re swollen every time she sees me.

  12. mm says:

    Of course, I’m way offended not to see my name listed…

    Surprisingly, I don’t see Jona or Crystal, either. Clearly, you aren’t ready for our show.

  13. Walnut says:

    Knee-high socks, nox. You’re not getting off that easy.

    Maureen, (A) Jona is way taller than me, and could doubtless pound me to a paste, (B) Crystal, I fear, has a private line to the Big Guy, Who won’t hesitate to smite me, and (C) how many times do I have to proposition you? A guy gets tired of rejection after a while.

  14. mm says:

    LOL – A guy never gets tired of rejection. Haven’t you read The Rules? :-)

  15. sxVixen says:

    You need to work faster, Doug. Erin’s nekkid collection is growing hourly.

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  18. Monica says:

    Too late, I’m mysterious now.

    My Gawd, you are hairy. Wouldn’t all that chafe?

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