New Year’s gift

Some of you may recall that I had wanted to use my short story “Heaven on Earth” for PBW’s eBook challenge, but it got published instead! Well, the requisite six months have passed, so I’m now able to post the story.

I won’t try to classify it. SF? Spec fiction? Magical realism? Who knows. I wrote it to honor the memory of my grandfather, on whom the character of Papa Nate is loosely based. My grandfather never hung with the zoot suit crowd but he was a terror in any grocery store’s produce section. The speech patterns are entirely my Papa’s.

He died with dementia, which I believe was indeed multi-infarct dementia, a complication of untreated hypertension. The man would not take his blood pressure meds. “I feel fine without them,” he would say. “What do doctors know?” But it was a horrible way to go for a man whose personality drew so much from story and memory.

It’s fitting, I think, to “fix” his terrible end with a story, and to leave him in an eternity built on memory.

You may use this post as a comment thread on the story, if you like. And don’t forget: I’m going to do my best to live blog tonight, 7 PST at the latest. If I don’t see you, drive safe, everyone, and enjoy your New Year’s Eve.



  1. shaina says:

    Have a happy new year, doug! i’ll be at a friends house so i will miss the live blog (:-() but yeah. seeeee ya next year!

  2. Corn Dog says:

    Fabulous story. Very well written.

  3. Rella says:

    Have a happy new year doug! We’re all partying here and drinking heavily. About to welcome Krugy into the new year. (yes, we swallow!). We’re 3 hours ahead, so we’re probably more drunk than the rest! :)

    Happy New Year
    Rella & Kris

  4. wait a darn minute… how does one get in on this live blog thingie?????? I want in!!!!!! No fair!!!!!!! And I promise, you don’t wanna see a southern waman have a hissy fit! LET ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rella says:

    Hey Doug, we welcomed the new year, and krugy! Lots of pictures via by-standers! will send later….. after approval! :)

    Rella & Kris!

    Happy New Year