Okay, who got sperm on the ferret cage?

I couldn’t help it. Sometimes, it . . . you know. It gets away from me.

You knew I couldn’t stay serious for too long.

This is Little Krugy, a 15% alcohol by volume cream liqueur. Sperm that’s fun to swallow! And it even comes with a pregnancy warning!

Let’s have a contest. In the comments, leave your suggestion as to the best way to swallow Little Krugy. I’ll draw a name from the among the commenters, and the winner gets his or her own Little Krugy.

Swallowing was never this much fun.



  1. Suisan says:


    I’m sorry, that’s just not, I mean, ewwww.

    Sorry, must go elsewhere to recover.

  2. Walnut says:

    Now, Suisan. You need to tell us the best way to swallow Krugy or you don’t get to play.

  3. Suisan says:

    I’m not sure I WANT to play, thanks.

    But if you’d like a chuckle, you can indulge in my most recent kitchen story, which I think is almost kind of maybe related to your juxtaposition above.

  4. sxKitten says:

    With a smile and a satisfied lick of the lips.

  5. Dean says:

    I like to watch from slightly above while someone else swallows Krugy.

  6. Walnut says:

    Okay, you two. Stop showing off.

  7. mom momom says:

    You must always swallow Krugy with spunk. It balances the sweet with the salt.

    (“SPUNK” is a salty licorice)

    hmmm, not sure if the photo thing works here like LJ but I’ll try…

  8. Rellarey says:

    Of course… at the bar, in plain sight of all the males! And, I agree with sxKitten – definately with a smiles and a satisfied lick. Then, you order another!


  9. Kris Starr says:

    In one slick, smooth motion, of course.

    And then you lean back on the bar and let the smokin’ hot guy named Sven do a body shot off you, followed by Raoul and–

    Oh, sorry. Got carried away, there. Where was I…?

    Do we get extra points for creativity?

    (And can we get these things in Canuckland? That would be fun…) 😀

  10. Walnut says:

    And then you lean back on the bar and let the smokin’ hot guy named Sven do a body shot off you

    Um. What’s a body shot?

  11. Suisan says:

    A body shot?

    You don’t get out much, do you? (Of course, everything I’ve ever learned about body shots come from hours of watching CSI and Law and Order. 40 yr old mommy of three don’t party at all.)

    The guy pours a shot of alcohol on the girl’s neck or into your cleavage and then sucks/licks it off. Sexes and locations can be changed at will.

  12. Walnut says:

    I thought it had to be something like that. I can think of a few places I’d love to suck clean :)

  13. Kris Starr says:

    The booze can also be poured into a bellybutton.

    Or so I’ve heard. I’ve never had the pleasure of being on either end of the experiment, myself…


  14. Renee says:

    Swallowing *is* fun, but the journey there is what makes it worthwhile. Methodology? Body shots are too quick for my preference; I like a long, slow combination of licking and sucking, followed by a smooth shot…

  15. Walnut says:

    Hey, Renee? I wonder if the rest of ’em would balk if I threw the contest to you.

    Damn it, I’ve already said I’d do it by drawing.

  16. sxKitten says:

    Renee gets my vote, too. Go ahead, Doug, throw the contest.

  17. Da Nator says:

    What? I mean, wait… what?

    I’m a lesbian. Can I just see the ferret?

  18. Walnut says:

    Sorry, Da Nator. Sometimes I have to pander to my hetero crowd 😉

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  20. Donna says:

    I totally got here from Kris’s blog.

    And yes, Kris, we CAN get them here in Canuckland. You innocent, you.

    It must be taken all in one mouthful, swallowed, followed by a lick of the lips, a smile and the line, “Now where’s my jewelry.”

    Body shots? Kris? You haven’t told him about my famous Jamie Bamber walnut crushing thighs tequila body shots??????

    *waves at Doug*

  21. Walnut says:

    Ooh. I like this woman. Walnut-crushing thighs? I’m there, baby.

  22. Donna says:


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  24. kate r says:

    with your eyes closed and someone in the background chanting GO! GO! GO!

  25. noxcat says:

    …never alone. :)

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