A taste for human flesh

Can’t remember how we got onto the topic, but this morning I told Michelle about my short story, “Sex and the Single Wendigo,” and she asked me to post it. Here you go.

Despite the title of this post, this is NOT a disgusting, gory story. Much. It’s funny. No, really, it is.

Let me know what you think.



  1. sxVixen says:

    Your mind is wonderful strange, Doug.

  2. DementedM says:



    Too funny.


  3. Kali Moore says:

    i found that story absolutely fabulous. I want to be her so badly actually I am alot like her already. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Walnut says:

    I love you guys. I hope you know that. Especially you, Kali. When are you coming back into my life?

  5. mm says:

    Y’know, I think the dramatically different first version of this was the first thing of yours I ever read. And the first time I realized men sometimes shave their boys for reasons other than vasectomies.

  6. mm says:

    And it was the first time I ever hear the term “camel toes”. Except for when it means toes on camels.

  7. Walnut says:

    Yeah, Mo, you were with me from the beginning on this — back when it was “Drive” and it was all Neil Calvert’s story, except I had a character and no story.

    And you’ve never let me forget the shaved ‘nads.

  8. kate r says:

    I love it.

    You do enjoy those man-eating females.

  9. Pat J says:

    I seem to remember reading that one before… or have I only heard of it? I may be conflating it with the one about the high-school girl dating the monster, or something…

  10. Walnut says:

    Yeah, that would be “My Troll Lover,” which has/had potential, but I haven’t looked at it in a long while.

    This one, I think, was a good deal more successful as a short story.