dshoffmanNo, it’s not attitude. It’s glare.

I find it a bit silly, writing an “about me” post when I regularly spill my deepest darkests on the blog. Read enough, and you’ll know everything about me (except for credit card numbers and mother’s maiden name — sorry!)

But if you’re just wondering who the hell I am, here’s the short form:

Father, husband, writer, smart-ass, and doctor.

You can email me at: azureus at harborside dot com.

Finally, for those of you lonesome for the old frogs,


They’re still going at it.



  1. Blue Gal says:

    You mean I get to comment first? Where do I start? And where are my limericks?

    Balls and Walnuts is my guiltiest pleasure. Except for that falafel sex meme.

  2. Walnut says:

    I just noticed the time stamp! And my blogroll keeps scrambling itself! And I can’t read my blog’s damned font. It’s like this theme knows I’m anal, and is doing it on purpose to piss me off.

    Thanks for stopping by, my dear.

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