Frontier psychiatrist

I challenge you to watch this without your jaw dropping. Probably several times.



  1. dean says:

    That’s the lead car on a whole train of WTF.

    I mean, WTF?

    And when I went to Youtoob to see the comments, YOUTUBIE crashed! Coincidence???? I wonder.

  2. KGK says:

    Wow! Super cool! Sort of Bunuel-esque. Another Australian band that makes one wonder what’s going on down there. Guess I have to go buy the album.

  3. Walnut says:

    For some reason, they remind me a little of They Might Be Giants. The goofiness, perhaps?

  4. KGK says:

    You are totally right! After watching this video I ended up on another YouTube binge that wound up with Pitbull’s video of Bon Bon. I stared in slackjawed amazement at the booties on several of the Latina lasses. Hot, hot, hot! But amazingly I found the ladies didn’t have the usual bitchy look that one sees in “video hos” (this phrase arose because I showed one of my staff members both the Avalanches video and Pitbull – she liked the song of Frontier Psychiatrist, although not so much the video). The human brain is amazing. The Pitbull video is like the anti-matter to the Frontier video and yet somehow I got from one to the other.

    BTW, how did you come across the vid?

  5. Walnut says:

    Kira: note category title. As to where Jake found it . . . the mspaintadventure forums. Tells ya a lot, don’t it?