slave to the rhythm

To the list of writers’ phenomena (characters that won’t say or act the way you want them to; plots that decide for themselves where they want to go), add pacing. I was certain I had two chapters left to write. One chapter later, I am still sure I have two chapters left.

I was over 9000 words into the present chapter when I realized (A) I hadn’t reached that chapter’s “big scene” yet, (B) the chapter stood very well on its own, and (C) I had just written a great chapter-ending one-liner.

So why fight it? If I had stubbornly insisted on fitting the “big scene” into this chapter, I’m sure I would have rushed it — not good for one of the story’s two biggest payoff scenes. Instead, I’ve pushed it forward. I’ll take my time and do it right.

Have I mentioned yet how much I’m enjoying this?



  1. KGK says:

    Makes sense you are enjoying it, since it’s a great read!

  2. Walnut says:

    thanks, Kira. I think so, but it’s always nice when someone else concurs :)