Oddly enough, it’s a seller’s market here in Bakersfield (if our agent can be trusted). People are getting their asking prices. I can believe it, because three or four of the homes we wanted to see — homes which were still on the market a week ago — are now in the process of being sold.

We looked at six homes today, I think. Maybe three or four left for tomorrow, and that’s it for homes in the right school district & price range. We saw two we liked, one of which is very affordable, and inevitably we saw one nightmare: a place that smelled of dog and was more tear-down than “home,” a place that made me want to shake the seller and say, “What are you thinking?” Even in a seller’s market, that place ain’t gonna move.

None of them is perfect. The one we liked best still needs some work in the kitchen — I need my gas range with the big fat powerful hood. And all of these homes had way too much carpeting . . . but in Bakersfield, people seem to like the tile/carpet combo.

I wish we could do one of those homes-to-be-built. They have ’em in our price range, but it takes forever to build a house. If we can avoid it, we would prefer not to move twice.

Tomorrow: a few more homes to see, and then we make our way home. Quick trip.



  1. Jeannie says:

    Dr.Hoffman……Its Jeannie,from Sutter!!!!!! How are you???? We miss you and wish you’d come home. OR is slow these days.New OBGYN starting in June. Locums General just signed a contract and will be ours in Aug. I lost my precious grandaughter Feb 13. my heart is still trying to recover but I doubt that it ever will. I was very excited to find your blog and to see that you are still writing.I would love to hear from you. Miss you,


  2. Edwin says:

    You could always remodel.

    I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve seen someone install a new ‘feature’ in their home in order to fetch a better price only to have the next owner start by ripping it out.