Dubya’s Dominatrix safe and sound?

Not Condi. That woman’s a bottom, don’t you think? No, I’m talking about Leola McConnell — the body builder, dominatrix, political activist, and candidate for the Nevada gubernatorial election of 2006 who claimed to have had S&M sex with George W. Bush in the 1980s, and who further claimed that Bush had had an affair with Victor Ashe, former mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee. She wrote all about this in her book, Lustful Utterances. From some online promotional material quoted here:

“Lustful Utterances” will leave many readers with knots in their stomachs but will provide clarity as to why the homoerotic-sado-masochism of Abu Ghraib prison could only have manifested itself on George Bush’s tenure as leader of the free world.

Indeed. The wife and I often wonder what Bush (whose love of torture goes back to his Yale days, maybe earlier) does with those interrogation tapes and transcripts from Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and all those black sites. Wouldn’t be surprised if videos exist, too. I wonder if he wipes them off before sharing them with Dick Cheney?

In November, there was a slew of reports that Ms. McConnell had gone missing. Conspiracy theories popped about (like a rattan cane on pasty presidential buttocks, perhaps? Choose your metaphor), given that Ms. McConnell published Lustful Utterances after Bush failed to abide by her public request that he come clean about his bisexuality. Payback, perhaps? Did Bush go nukular on his former domme and present nemesis?

Well, maybe not. I had a difficult time finding info on Ms. McConnell, but her website appears to have been recently updated (January, perhaps even more recently). I hope she’s okay. The world needs every last one of its ass-kickin’ dommes.


Why am I checking such things? Research, my friends. Research.


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  1. fiveandfour says:

    The family watched Rendition last week. As a movie, it was in the C+/B- range. As respects the subject it examines, though- it was very thought-provoking for me, especially the interview with the architect of the Rendition protocol that appears on the disc. How Bush can be so smugly self-satisfied about his place in heaven, I don’t know.

    And unrelated to the topic at hand…here’s a little something I thought you’d enjoy. (Do the man’s version first.)

  2. Walnut says:

    That was very silly :)

  3. Lyvvie says:

    My research seems dull by comparison. What’s the research for?

  4. Walnut says:

    You never know when a thorough knowledge of the BDSM scene might come in handy 😉

  5. kate r says:

    oh give me a break. Condi is obviously a top. See? These people agree with me: http://www.mockpaperscissors.com/?p=6963

  6. Walnut says:

    I registered my disagreement over at mockpaperscissors 😉