Sleepy Saturday

I spent the morning making tiramisu and cleaning the kitchen. Afterwards, I took a trip to the grocery store for some much-needed kitty litter. Got home to find Karen asleep, and she’s still snoozing, two hours later.

A nap sounds nice right about now. Instead, I forced myself to do some brainstorming on a new-old project. Or is that an old-new project? It has been my “intended next” for the last three years: a novel using grown-up versions of my characters from “The Mechanic.” First thing that happened, my muse decided to scrap the idea of Russ and Carl in their 30s. (Leave that for the sequel.) If I stick to my source material, they cross paths again when Russ is 23. This would put him in the third year of med school — a clinical year, conveniently enough.

Russ isn’t really a sociopath, nor is Carl. They both have their own code, and in Russ’s case, his rules are anything but Hippocratic. He’s loyal to friends, old and new, even to the point of committing murder. A mercy killing, really, one which pulls Russ into the middle of Norteño vs. Sureño gang warfare.

Yup, I think I’m going to have Russ euthanize one of the Norteños respected elders, their poet laureate, at the old guy’s request. I wonder if I need to change all the gang designations? Wouldn’t want to walk in Edward James Olmos’s footsteps, after all.

So Russ runs afoul of La Eme, and maybe someone else on the medical staff has figured out what he has done; I have in mind a troublesome girlfriend, too, but that’s all very nebulous. Since Russ’s friend Carl has always been the more clever of the two, Russ brings him in to help fix the mess.

I have in mind something which begins funny and poignant, and ends with a lot of bloodshed.

Live-blogging tonight, maybe. If I’m completely exhausted, I can use the laptop’s camera; that way, I can live-blog from a nearly horizontal posture.

* * *

Eh, forget it. I’m too wiped. Check back tomorrow!



  1. Stamper in CA says:

    Is that your precious kitty? Great picture…worthy of the ones I see on my cat calendars. I spent the morning making pumpkin muffins (Trader Joe’s mix, but it’s very good).

  2. Walnut says:

    No, I pinched this photo from Flickr. Click on the photo to go to that user’s photostream. Lots more cats.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention: this morning, I caught Ash making that clicky sound at the flies! How very odd.