Thirteen comedy duos

Hope you’re ready to burn up the next two hours of your life with YouTube videos (each one personally screened by yours truly).

Edited to add . . .

I guess I’ll finish this later tonight, but I thought I’d give you something to chew on in the meantime. Here we go.

1. Fry and Laurie. Thanks to House, a whole generation thinks Hugh Laurie is an American dramatic actor and not a British comic. Good heavens, when will people learn: if you can do comedy, you can do anything. Anyway, this snip is from A Bit of Fry and Laurie. I could have nabbed any number of Black Adder clips, but that would be less in keeping with today’s theme. Oh, and here’s a personal Fry and Laurie recommendation from the sxKitten.

2. French and Saunders. I’m more of an AbFab man, but that Star Wars sketch cracks me up. This one‘s not half bad, either.

3. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Yeah, by now you’ve figured it out: I like Brits. This clip is from Bedazzled, a gem of a comedy (with, among other delights, Raquel Welch as Lust). Here’s the setup: Stanley (Moore) loves Margaret (the horsey Eleanor Bron), but Margaret doesn’t love Stanley. Stanley is willing to sell his soul to the devil (Peter Cook) in exchange for wishes (three?), all of which he uses to win Margaret. In this clip, he specifies that he should be married to Margaret, he wants to be rich and powerful, and he wants Margaret to be . . . PHYSICAL! But alas, he forgets one minor detail, which the devil happily exploits.

4. Cheech and Chong. Don’t you miss drug humor? (It gets old after about two minutes, but for those two minutes, you’ll be powerful lonesome for the 70s.)

5. Bob and Ray. They’re before my time, but I can still appreciate two funny old geezers.

6. Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the Tappet Brothers — after listening to them for the last couple decades on NPR’s Car Talk, it was fun to finally see them.

7. Penn and Teller. We saw them in Vegas a few years ago, and Jake got to talk to them after the show. Yes, Teller will talk, provided he’s not in front of an audience.

8. Dan Ackroyd and Steve Martin, the Czech Brothers. Don’t miss John Belushi in drag at the end of this clip.

9. The Tick and Arthur. Somewhere in this room, I have a DVD holding every episode from the live action series, The Tick. I watched the first twenty minutes and never went back. Cartoon Tick is TEH TICK! Anyway, that clip doesn’t provide much Arthur, so here’s another. And another. Spoon!

My favorite Tick moment comes from the episode in which Arthur’s sister is getting married. The Tick sits in front of a mirror, primping in a tuxedo. As Arthur walks in, the Tick is saying, “Shalom! Shaaaa-LOM!”

“Tick,” says Arthur, “what are you doing?”

“Arthur! I just found out we’re Jewish.”

“No, Tick. Dot and I are Jewish. You’re . . . you’re bluish.”

Tickles me every time.

10. Elaine May and Mike Nichols, because Jim asked for ’em. Sadly, that’s their only clip on YouTube. They look stunning together, don’t they?

From Wikipedia:

Elaine May (born Elaine Berlin on April 21, 1932 in Philadelphia) is a two-times Academy Award nominated director, screenwriter, and actress. She achieved her greatest fame, in the 1950s, from her improvisational comedy routines in partnership with Mike Nichols.

Elaine May wrote and directed Ishtar, but let’s not dwell on that. She also co-wrote Heaven Can Wait. Mike Nichols, on the other hand, is THE Mike Nichols who directed The Graduate, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and lots of other hits. He also directed Spamalot on Broadway.

Neat. I’ve learned something tonight!

11. Wayland Flowers and Madame, for Da Nator, of course. This clip is over way too fast, but I think it proves Da Nator’s point: these two were nasty. Wait, there’s more, and if you look on YouTube, there’s a part 3, too. Yeah, Madame’s a lot funnier here than she ever was on Hollywood Squares. Go figure.

12. Diana Rigg and her leather catsuit. OH. MY. F. G. There are a whole bunch of “Diana Rigg and her leather catsuit” videos on YouTube. Clearly, I’ve been wasting my time on YouPorn.

You’re right. That’s not her leather catsuit, that’s her Queen of Sin suit. I know it’s not her catsuit because this one makes me say Woof.

13. John Cleese and Prunella Scales — Basil and Sybil Fawlty, loves! I’d have picked Monty Python, but they’re not exactly a duo, now, are they?

I think I’ve figured out what I like about Basil Fawlty. He reminds me of me at my worst — in the office or at home. Poor, poor Basil. And now I’m off to watch Parts 2 and 3 of that clip.

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  1. Don’t forget Nichols and May.

  2. Pat J says:

    Penn and Teller — always awesome.

  3. sxKitten says:

    OK, I’ve only made it to #1, but I looooooooove Fry and Laurie, and will probably spend the rest of the evening lost on YouTube.

    Ah well, the kids are fed and in bed, so no one suffers.

  4. sxKitten says:

    OK, I’ve been sitting here for well over an hour, chortling away to myself, and I’m still on #1. I think I’ll have to call in sick tomorrow if I’m going to make it all the way through the list.

    Can you write me a doctor’s note?

  5. Lyvvie says:

    I’ve never seen that version of Bedazzled! How tragic for me! I must away and buy ASAP! BUT – did you notice something about Moore’s performance? Doesn’t he remind you so so so much of someone?? And can I find a vid of David Tennant as Dr. Who? Not one where he’s having a similar stumbling. BUT That’s who I mean.

  6. Darla says:


    I did a YouTube TT this week, too. Mine doesn’t take quite as long to watch, though. :)

    Fun clips. I particularly loved the Czech brothers. SNL used to be so good.

  7. Carrie Lofty says:

    Mmmm… Diana Rigg. Forget the rest of her, if you can for a moment, and just admire her face.

    I did a 13 about my freakish sideshow kids.

  8. Rellarey says:

    Penn and Teller – love ’em!

    My favorite comedy duo (and Canadian even!) is Wayne and Schuster. Great link for them on wiki… but I’ll have to put in the long version, my links are not working…


  9. M E-L says:

    OK, I appreciate Ms. Rigg in a catsuit as much as the next guy — but calling them a “comedy duo” is a bit of a stretch, ain’t it?

  10. Walnut says:

    Emma Peel and her twins?

    Emma and that gorgeous ball python?

    Okay, okay, Emma and Steed. Happy now?

  11. kate r says:

    OH thank you. This is a superb list.

  12. kate r says:

    I’d add pinky and the brain.

  13. Kris Starr says:

    Noooooo!! It’s almost quarter to ten at night! I can’t start watching these now…!

    Oh, hell. Curse you, Doug…

    I’m with Rella and Kate — Wayne and Schuster rocked and I’d also add Pinky and the Brain. 😀

  14. Walnut says:

    In residency, our chairman was a big Pinky and the Brain fan. Since the boss liked it, it couldn’t be cool. We watched The Tick instead.

    However, a quick perusal of YouTube turned up the Brain lecturing on the brain, so I had to watch. Nice, very nice. But he left out Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas.

  15. Elaine May’s line, “Would you … would you swing one out for me? Just once?” just kills me. Thanks for posting that–I never saw it.

  16. Walnut says:

    That was surprisingly racy, especially considering the era.

    You’re welcome. Thanks for turning me on to Nina :)

  17. Mauigirl says:

    Thanks for posting this, I’ll be visiting it frequently until I check out all the clips. Loved the Cheech and Chong clip, hysterical. And the Hugh Laurie one was great – still had that irascible House personality, but with an Engish accent!

  18. M E-L says:

    Yes, I’m satisfied now that you’ve removed Ms. Riggs’ catsuit.

    From the list, of course.