Following in Blue Gal’s footsteps

Footsteps. I can’t use that word without thinking of Kenneth Mars’s line from Young Frankenstein, “Bootshteps, bootshteps!”

Blue Gal sent me and I followed: read Robust McManlyPants’s mini-rant on the horror of Parents Using the Internet.

My parents don’t email me. They forward damn near everything to me: racist jokes, rightwing diatribes, pyramid schemes, chain-emails, pro-Israel screeds. And they’re not racists, wingnuts, idiots, or blind supporters of Israel. I wonder if my dad even reads these things before he hits the forward button.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind if you folks send me funny emails . . . and in fact, if they’re good enough, I might even immortalize them on their very own page, as I did with Lyvvie’s email. Now, that’s a funny email.


PS: the very demented and pregnant Michelle is having a book giveaway for Succubus Blues. Check it out.


  1. Pat J says:

    I’m lucky. My parents hate getting forwarded email crap as much as I do. And I’ve managed to train most of my friends out of it, too.

  2. Lyvvie says:

    My Mom signed my up to get regular updates from Williams and Sonoma. They don’t have shops in the UK. They don’t ship to the UK. So why is this a must have for me?

    I only forward things I actually am happy to recieve – and I never knew you’d blogged that one, Doug! Heeheee how neat is that.

  3. My folks use the internet regularly, and so far they’ve spared me most of that crap, probably because they hate getting it as much as I do.

    OTOH, they’ve asked me to help research and spec out and an e-commerce site for their business. As a friend of mine put it: “Remember when all they asked was for us to mow the lawn?” *sigh* The good old days.

    Never buy your parents a domain name, kids – no good can come of it.

  4. Walnut says:

    You folks are lucky.

    Lyvvie, I kept forgetting to shout the page once I had created it!

    PS, I hate to think what my parents would do with their own URL. My father would find some way to play poker on it. My mother would probably post all the latest Prevention articles.

  5. Blue Gal says:

    I don’t think it’s footsteps. I was driving to pick up kids (two down, one to go, as a matter of fact) when my brain was pinged by your blog. I am not making that up. Not.

    Thanks for the linky love and all this means is I’m such a Technorati whore I’ve internalized it.