The wonder of me

SxKitten posts the following challenge:

The Holiday Challenge: Post your 4 virtues – 4 things you like about yourself.

The Hard Part: No qualifiers, no but’s, no apologies, no back-handed put-downs. You have to give yourself 4 solid, undiluted compliments.

SxKitten’s done it (linked above). Dean’s done it. Now it’s my turn.

By the way, I’m still thinking about Renee’s challenge. Hmm . . . funny, sexy story, eh? But sex is so bloody serious.

Back to my virtues.

1. I’m funny. I laugh at my own jokes constantly. As a kid, I had to be funny. It was the only way a little pisher like me could effectively deal with bullies — all the bullies, not just the ones in my family.

2. I’m a damned good chef. I can wow the socks off dinner guests and I can even impress my wife and son.

3. I have a great brain (not to be confused with a beautiful mind). It has served me very well these many years and has shown itself up to every challenge. And I have a string of A+’s and a magna cum laude from Berkeley to prove it :) so there.

4. I’m a good doctor. My patients love me and I have to admit their affection is well deserved.

Hey, that was easy. Do I have to stop at four?

Your turn.



  1. Lyvvie says:

    Naaaaaaaah! Keep going!

  2. Stamper in CA says:

    I don’t have a blog, but I will do it on here. It’s good to pat ourselves on the back (sorry, there’s the teacher coming out in me).
    1. I’m an excellent rubber stamp artist (I’m published too).
    2. I’m a well-organized person.
    3. I communicate well with teenagers.
    4. I’m a damn good English teacher.
    Now I feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks!

  3. Walnut says:

    Lyvvie: naw, that’s enough for one ego-fest.

    Sis: it does feel good, doesn’t it?

  4. sxKitten says:

    Jeez, I had a heck of a time coming up with 4. Can I borrow a couple of yours?

  5. Corn Dog says:

    I wanted to do this meme so bad but I could only come up with one thing and that was I’m hard to kill. In the middle of the night I thought of something else but by daybreak I had forgotten it. That’s my one thing.

    GAWD, is Christmas over yet? I hate it so. When will it be tax season. Now that’s something to look forward to.

  6. Walnut says:

    You’re a gal after my own heart, CD. Hard to kill indeed 😉

    SxK, don’t they all apply to you? ‘Cept maybe the doctor bit. I mean, that takes a duhgree.

  7. Darla says:

    ACK! Just can’t do it. Not in public. This goes against all my early training. You’re never, ever, ever, supposed to toot your own horn. Something really bad will happen, though I’m not exactly sure what. You’re not even supposed to praise your own kids, though I do manage to break that commandment.

  8. sxKitten says:

    Doug – I dunno. I’m pretty sure I’ve never impressed my wife. No magna cum laude, either :-)

    Darla: that’s the point. We’re not supposed to, but why the hell not? Why can’t we acknowledge that we’re good people? Oh, and praise your kids every chance you get. They’ll take enough hits from the rest of the world, they need you in their corner.

  9. Walnut says:

    Darla, I have lots of superstitions, but that’s not one of ’em 😉

    SxK, yup, I agree. Obviously, since I did the meme, too.

  10. I agree with #1 and #3, and you would probably be my favorite doctor if I was a patient, and mybe someday I’ll get to experience #2.
    I would add that you draw other people out, and are a good friend.
    Your orgasm story doesn’t have to be funny, nor does it have to be serious. And, you can submit as many as you like, of any type :)
    My virtues are up, too.

  11. ok- WHO the heck am I? But I don’t care- nor do I have a blog place to list MY virtues… and I wanna join in, so here goes- I’ll squat on Walnut’s blog and list ’em.
    1. I have a freakin’ wonderful southern drawl.
    2. I can swear like a sailor- and guys dig that.
    3. I can disect a nematode- flawlessly.
    4. I make potato Latkes better than any Jewish person I know.

    So there- A FEW of my many, well, endless, virtues.

  12. Walnut says:

    ‘kay, Miz VJ, it’s a latke-off. If we’re ever in the same city, we’re making latkes and grabbing folks off the street to judge.

    I can’t imagine dissecting a nematode. Too tiny.

  13. ok… I can also brag that my matzah balls are so light that they float. :)
    Any of you readers who think I just said something horribly trashy/kinky must google matzah balls… and get your mind outta the gutter.

  14. Walnut says:

    Well, for goodness sakes, girl, I should HOPE they float! Sinkers should be flushed.

    And don’t worry . . . my reg’lar readers know all about the joy of matzah balls :)