More of Swordsmith’s “How Publishing Works” Series

Many thanks to Kate for refreshing my memory on this. I plugged Swordsmith before, but that post fell off the front page of the blog — and when it falls off the front page, it drops out of my mind, too.

I’m looking forward to Swordsmith’s posts on self-promotion and finding an agent.

The Rest of the “How Publishing Works” Series

The series so far:

Part 1 – Why bad things happen to good books.
Part 2 – Avoiding publishing scams.
Part 3 – Literary conventions (with an emphasis on SF Conventions).
Part 4 – Book packagers.
Part 5 – Submitting a manuscript.

I almost forgot! Part 6 – Publishing lists.

Part 7 – Literary Agents.


  1. Monica says:

    Great info! I wonder if anybody misses it because they’re afraid of Kos?

  2. Walnut says:

    What’s to fear? Even when I posted information of suspicious source over there, everyone was polite. They politely handed my head back to me.